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Frequent Questions

What's the average salary in Monaco?

It is very difficult to give an average salary value for the Principality because this country is the country of all superlatives: price per m², number of nationalities represented, GDP per capita ...

In Monaco, the public sector employs 4,776 people and the private sector 53,091 (IMSEE 2019 figures)
For the two sectors combined, there are 63.2% French, 14.2% Italians, 6.3% Portuguese, 4% Monegasques, 1.4% British and 10.7% other nationalities .

One of the official values is the Minimum Interprofessional Growth Salary.
On January 1, 2020 it was € 10.15 per hour, or € 1,715.35 per month for 39 hours of work per week.

Why live in Monaco?

An exceptional living environment by the sea, a few minutes from the mountains, near Italy, Nice and Cannes

An international school system and environment with more than 120 nationalities represented over 2km²

Security: 1 police officer for 75 inhabitants (IMSEE 2020)

The tax system interesting for individuals and companies.

An offer of health quality with the Princess Grace Hospital Center, the Monegasque Institute of Sports Medicine and Surgery, the Cardio-Thoracic Center and the Hemodialysis Center.

A cultural, artistic and sporting aura.

How to buy an apartment in Monaco? Can we buy an apartment in Monaco?

You should know that Monaco is one of the countries where the m² is the most expensive in the world, so owning an apartment in Monaco is not within everyone's reach.

You must first find out about the conditions to become a resident. Then you have to contact a real estate agency to find out about the offer, guide you through the administrative procedures and help you settle in Monaco.

What is the price per square meter in Monaco?

On average according to the official figures of 2020 it was 47 000 € / sq. m (~4 300 € / sqft)
The Carré d'Or, which is the most luxurious area, has the highest average price in the Principality, peaking at more than 65 000 € / sq. m.
Source : IMSEE 2020

What is the surface area of the Principality of Monaco?

The Principality of Monaco is the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican.
It is on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea and measures approximately 4km (2.49 mi.) long with a width ranging from 350 meters (0.21 mi.) to 1050 meters (0.65 mi.), or an area of 2km² - 0.78 sq mi.

It is bordered to the north by the towns of Beausoleil and La Turbie, to the east by Roquebrune Cap Martin and to the west by Cap d'Ail.

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