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Rif. VF338
Tipo di proprietà Ville
Num stanze 5+
Num parcheggi 5
Num cantine 1
Superficie abitabile 245 m²
Superficie terrazza 30 m²
Superficie totale 275 m²
The ground floor is composed with a large beautiful living room and a dining–room that opens onto the swimming-pool and a beautifully designed garden. Each of the 5 bedrooms has en-suite bathrooms equipped with either a Jacuzzi, or a shower with integrated balneotherapy. The living area is about 245 m², the terraces are 63 m², the garden 288 m², the pool house 15 m², and the cellars and garages are 160 m². 5 cars can be parked in the underground garage. There is also a swimming pool with certified safety measurement, a pool house, a shower room, basin and toilets, and a barbecue. The villa just next to this property is also for sale. These two villas can be rented seasonally, and long-term.



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