Beautiful office - close to the Bd de Belgique

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Set on a modern building with security service, this beautiful apartment in mint condition has a large terrace with pleasant view of the gardens. All rooms open onto the terrace or onto the balcony.
It can also be used as an apartment

Rif. 1483
Tipo di proprietà Ufficio
Num stanze 3
Num parcheggi 1
Num cantine 1
Superficie abitabile 81,50 m²
Superficie terrazza 20 m²
Superficie totale 101,50 m²
Affitto 5 800 €
Edificio Les Oliviers

Enry hall with closets
Beautiful living room leading to the terrace
Fully equipped kitchen with serving hatch
2 bedrooms with wardrobes
1 bathroom
1 shower room
Terrace & balcony


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