Living at the port

The Port of Monaco, also known as Port Hercule, is one of the most iconic places in the principality. Over the centuries, this port has served as a refuge for Mediterranean ships, playing a crucial role in trade and maritime travel. This rich history is reflected in the surrounding architecture and maritime traditions that still persist today.

It's where luxury yachts and pleasure boats from around the world gather, making it a prestigious place to live. Many apartments and properties in the Port of Monaco offer panoramic views of Port Hercule, allowing residents to enjoy maritime activity and the landscape from their homes.

It provides easy access to amenities, shops, restaurants, bars, art galleries, leisure centers in the principality, and especially the Grand Prix! Everything is nearby for a comfortable and convenient life. It's a lively area with a dynamic nightlife and a multitude of social and cultural events throughout the year that continue to captivate visitors from around the world, offering an unforgettable experience infused with the charm of the Principality.