Monaco is known for its restaurants.

Influenced by Mediterranean, Provençal, and Italian gastronomy, as well as internationally renowned Michelin-starred chefs, Monaco proves to be a prime destination for food enthusiasts.

Among these restaurants, we find:

  • Le Louis XV - Alain Ducasse at the Hôtel de Paris: Alain Ducasse's Louis XV restaurant is an institution in Monaco, offering refined and creative French cuisine.
  • Blue Bay: Located at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, the Blue Bay restaurant offers a unique fusion cuisine blending Mediterranean and Asian flavors.
  • Yoshi: This modern Japanese restaurant offers creative dishes crafted by Michelin-starred chef Takeo Yamazaki.
  • La Marée: Specializing in fresh seafood and fish, La Marée is a must-visit for seafood lovers.
  • Rampoldi: This Italian restaurant offers traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist, along with an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.
  • Beefbar Monaco: This upscale restaurant offers top-quality meats sourced from around the world, along with an exceptional selection of wines.
  • Le Vistamar: Located at the heart of the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, this gourmet restaurant offers inventive French cuisine and fresh seafood dishes.

These culinary specialties, originating from different regions, take us on a journey to the four corners of the world.