The buildings overlooking the Monaco Grand Prix

Balcony Rentals: A Lucrative Tradition for Property Owners

During the Grand Prix, certain buildings in Monaco become prime viewpoints.

For example, the Monte-Carlo Casino offers a stunning view of the climb towards the Casino, while the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel encompasses one of the most iconic turns of the Grand Prix. Not far away, you can find " Port Hercule" and its luxurious yachts, offering a spectacle of their own, where the world of sports and high society converge! A unique phenomenon in Monaco during the Grand Prix is the rental of balconies and terraces.

Private spaces are rented at exorbitant prices, allowing their owners to profit from their strategic location. Spectators, in return, gain an unparalleled view of the race. This practice exemplifies the exclusivity and luxury that characterize this world-renowned event.

8 Buildings Overlooking the Circuit:

Le Panorama:

Le Panorama
Le Panorama, situated on the Monaco port, offers an exceptional panorama of several key points of the famous Monaco circuit. With its breathtaking views, it allows residents to fully enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of the car race. From this building, you can admire the Sainte-Dévote turn, one of the first challenges drivers face at the beginning of each lap. Your eyes can then follow the spectacular climb along Avenue d'Ostende, where cars reach impressive speeds heading towards the Beau Rivage and Massenet turns. Residents of Le Panorama also have the privilege of observing the complex sequences of the Swimming Pool chicane, where drivers must maneuver with extreme precision to avoid the walls while maintaining speed.

Le Beau Rivage:

Le Beau Rivage:
The Beau Rivage building, located on Avenue d'Ostende, offers an exceptional view of the straight line of this iconic avenue as well as the famous Beau Rivage turn, thus providing a unique experience for its residents. From this prestigious building, residents can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Avenue d'Ostende straight, where race cars speed along. Moreover, the view of the Beau Rivage turn is equally spectacular. This iconic turn of the Monaco circuit, known for its elevation and difficulty, offers a captivating spectacle for residents.

Le Bristol:

Le Bristol
Le Bristol, ideally located on Avenue Albert 1er, offers its residents an unparalleled view of some of the most strategic points of the Monaco circuit. From here, residents can enjoy a spectacular view of the starting line. Engines roar, flags wave, and drivers prepare to launch their quest for victory, offering an unforgettable spectacle to those fortunate enough to reside in this building. Additionally, the view of the Tabac turn, famous for its technicality and challenge for drivers, and the Louis Chiron turn, named after the famous Monégasque driver, provides residents with a privileged perspective on the skills and talent of the drivers negotiating these iconic turns with bravery. Finally, Le Bristol also offers a privileged view of the Grand Prix pit lane, where teams make last-minute adjustments and prepare the cars for the race. It's a unique opportunity for residents to feel the thrilling energy before the race.

Palais Héraclès:

Palais Héraclès
The Palais Héraclès building, nestled along Avenue Albert 1er, offers its residents a privileged view of some important points of the Monaco circuit. From its high floors, residents benefit from an unparalleled view of the starting line. Additionally, the view of the Tabac turn, known for its technical challenge, and the Louis Chiron turn, named after the legendary Monégasque driver, allows residents to appreciate the skill and courage of the drivers negotiating these iconic turns with millimetric precision!

Rose De France:

Rose De France
The Rose de France building, ideally located on the prestigious Boulevard de Suisse, offers its residents a unique perspective allowing them to enjoy several different views of the Monaco circuit. The Rose de France building provides a captivating panorama of various key points of the circuit. Residents thus have the privilege of watching several aspects of the car race from their own home. From this advantageous position, residents can admire the race cars speeding along the circuit, passing key points. This panoramic view offers an immersive experience of one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world!

Le Mirabeau:

Le Mirabeau
The Mirabeau building, after which two turns of the Monaco circuit are named (Turn 5 Mirabeau Haute and Turn 7 Mirabeau Bas), offers a specific position. Perched high, this building offers a stunning view of these two iconic turns, allowing residents to experience the action of the car race up close. Turn 5 Mirabeau Haute is known for its complexity and challenge for drivers, while Turn 7 Mirabeau Bas offers strategic and spectacular overtaking opportunities. Residents of Le Mirabeau can thus enjoy the captivating spectacle of the car race unfolding before their eyes. Overlooking these unique sectors of the Monaco circuit, the Le Mirabeau building offers total immersion in the thrilling world of Formula 1, allowing residents to fully feel the energy.

Le Métropole:

Le Métropole
The Métropole building, located in the prestigious principality of Monaco, offers a privileged position overlooking the descent from the casino and the famous Turn 5 Mirabeau Haute of the Monaco circuit. As a shopping center and hotel, Le Métropole embodies luxury and refinement, offering its residents and visitors an unparalleled experience. With its stunning view of the descent from the casino, where race cars speed along. The Turn 5 Mirabeau Haute, known for its technical challenge and panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, Le Métropole offers total immersion in the electric atmosphere of the race. Whether strolling through the luxury shops of the shopping center, enjoying a gourmet meal in one of the starred restaurants, or relaxing in the sumptuous hotel suites, residents and visitors of Le Métropole can enjoy the event.

Le Sardanapale:

The Sardanapale offers an exceptional perspective on the Fairmont hairpin, known as the slowest turn on the Formula 1 calendar. It's an iconic turn that requires total control from drivers, forcing them to significantly slow their speed while skillfully negotiating the tight turn. Offering a view of one of the most prestigious turns in Formula 1, Le Sardanapale allows its occupants to fully feel the history and glamour associated with this legendary race.