District La Rousse - Saint Roman

This district is located in the northern part of the Principality, bordering the towns of Beausoleil and Roquebrune Cap Martin in France.

Overlooking the Larvotto district with the seafront, it is bordered by the Boulevard d'Italie to the Saint Roman interchange. It is mainly a residential and office place. For some time now, it has been home to a construction that has been talked about all over the world, the Tour Odéon, but other buildings in this district have a good reputation such as the Monte-Carlo Sun, the Parc Saint Roman, the Annonciade or again the Château Périgord.

Latest properties in the neighborhood
369 Houses and apartments for sale in Monaco La Rousse - Saint Roman 118 Houses and apartments for rent in Monaco La Rousse - Saint Roman
2,400 € 30 sqm Studio
51,000 € 1,081 sqm +5 rooms
6,000 € 83 sqm 2 Rooms
6,500 € 96 sqm 2 Rooms
4,450 € 50 sqm 2 Rooms
100,000 € 605 sqm +5 rooms
51,000 € 1,081 sqm +5 rooms
Buildings in the neighborhood La Rousse - Saint Roman